Forum Title: Unclicking end joints for Coretec Plus repair
Been doing that Coretec kitchen/ dining room /hallway at an angle job I mentioned in measuring square footage They asked me to install the lower cabinets and the Island. OK, one small problem. The wiring for the island needs to be moved over a few inches, possibly 4 inches so the island works better in this small kitchen space. The island isn't large, but it's weight will be setting on the Coretec to some degree. Once the final position is set in stone, I will cut out some of the Coretec flooring and install some 2x6 material directly to the sub floor so I can mount the island cabinet onto those 2x6 mounting pads. To accomplish this , I need to disassemble some of the Coretec planks. The area of disassembly is in the green circle to the lower left. The planks will need to be dis-assembled in the opposite direction that I originally installed them in. Also shown is the electrical relocation for the island. The wire in the floor needs to go north at least 2 inches. Dang, a bit late in the project to discover this issue. I marked the replacement area in yellow. The area is really about 7 or 8 planks wide, so my drawing is just for a visual reference. The product is Coretec Plus, and I guess my question is ease of disassembly an reassembly with this material . The end joints seem to break off pretty easy. Should I plan on just replacing the planks for structural and durability reasons?
Category: Flooring Post By: ERICA LUCAS (Logan, UT), 02/10/2019

Is there a reason you didn't install the 2x6 before you installed the floor Hi ?

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Cuyahoga Falls, OH), 05/11/2019

They weren't sure if it would benefit to move the island forwards or backwards a few inches to make for more room than before. Previously there was carpet in the dining room part of this area and the island was set in it's original location. Now the flooring is the same everywhere so we figured it best set the island back in place and move it to wherever it fits best with the new space and then attach it. Looking back the wiring should have been ditched too and re drilled later. ....a little late now.

- BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 04/12/2019

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